5 Best Ways to Exercise at Home

woman doing crunches at home

Do you want to set up an effective home workout? What do you do for exercise if you do not have much space for gym equipment? There are many reasons for not going to the gym. Now-a-day, we hesitate to go to the gym due to pandemic conditions. If you want to maintain an exercise regime while you have limited circumstances to go outside of your homes. 

If you do 15 minutes workout every day, then surely it will help you to lose weight. Exercise has linked to many health benefits include the prevention of many chronic diseases, makes your bones and muscles stronger and helps to improve in the mood (positive impact on depression). Here we will discuss the best ways to do exercise at home to maintain a healthy life. 


Walking is an easy and convenient way to do exercise without purchasing the treadmill. Just lace up your shoes and start walking at your backyard or near your house. It is very for you to set a specific time for walking. Walking or running outdoors becomes difficult for you at the start. Keep on walking on soft surfaces like grass. Or air biking may help to lose your thigh fat.   



Jumping rope woman

Jumping rope

Jumping rope is a full-body workout, and it helps to lose body fat more quickly. It helps the movement of shoulders and the muscles, so it makes your muscles strong. This is the best exercise you can do at home to lose weight. It helps to pump your heart and lungs, and burn your shoulders in the best way. You may have fun with this exercise as well. Try to start with one-minute jumping with rope. You can jump with two feet, one foot or alternate or two persons rotating rope, and you jump over it. 


Pushups are also all body muscles exercise, and it involves your shoulders, triceps, chest, and back by increasing your upper body strength. It does not take more space in your home and do not need any equipment. You only need a pair of shoes, and your own body does to pushups. It pumps your heart, lungs, tightens up your triceps, and it prevents chronic diseases. Pushups can burn seven calories per minute. 


Stair master

Climbing up from stairs is always challenging for people; that’s why most people prefer to use elevators or lifts to climb up the building. No matter how fi you are climbing through the stairs will boost your heart rate. Climbing through stairs needs to engage additional muscles like glutes, quads, and claves to bring the entire body up. Repeating climbing again and again in your home from stairs strengthens muscles, and it will keep your metabolic rate high, which helps to eventually weight loss. 


Yoga does not burn a lot of calories but consumes a fair amount of calories and has many health benefits. Total body yoga is the best way to exercise at home and the best stress reliever. It is helpful for mental and physical health. It helps you resist unhealthy food control, and overeating because it enables you to understand the body hunger signals. Yoga can be done at the comfort of your own home early in the morning, which helps to perform better throughout the day.

doing yoga


Exercise is essential for weight control, bone, and muscle strength and to keep you active throughout the day. If you have a busy schedule, then these exercises for a short period daily will help strengthen your muscles and bones, and it burns more calories. The above-given training is the best choice for burning calories at home without any equipment. It also reduces the risk of disease, improves your energy, and improve your depressed life in a happy and longer life.

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