5 Of The Best Treadmills Under 1000$ For WFH Users

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Working from home is great if you can create a set-up and regime that offers a good work-life balance. One way to bring fitness into that regime is to get a treadmill set up at home so you can keep moving and work on your goals. So, here are 5 of the best treadmills under 1000 that are perfect for WFH users. 

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Can You Get Good Treadmills Under $1000 For The Home?

Yes! You really don’t have to pay a fortune to get a treadmill that suits WFH users. Some brands will tempt us with gym-ready machines with all kinds of features for way over that budget. But, they also tend to have cheaper versions that are better suited for at-home use. As long as you check the specifications and are sure you are getting value for money, you can go as low as $300-400 and get a good experience. 

It is important to note that the best treadmills under 1000 for home come in two very different styles. It all depends on whether you want something adaptive for the home office or something more robust for a home gym. Both styles have their pros and cons. Here are some of the best in each category to help you make up your mind. 

The Best Folding Treadmills For WFH Users

One of the best options for anyone that works from home and wants to stay fit is an adaptable folding treadmill. These are generally 2-in-1 systems that provide two ways to stay active. 

First, you can use the frame as a sturdy support for jogging and get in some more intense exercise between work sessions. The best product will have the capabilities to offer a secure deck and enough settings for you to meet your goals. 

From there, you can fold the frame down flush with the desk for something that sits nicely under a desk. This means you can walk at a steady pace while continuing with tasks to keep the blood flowing. Here, you should find that you can still see all the necessary information on the display and that the machine doesn’t take up too much space. 

Here are two great examples of what you can get in space-saving adaptable treadmills for the office. 

GOYOUTH 2 in 1 Under Desk Electric Treadmill

 GOYOUTH 2 in 1 Under Desk Electric Treadmill

This first option is not one with a folding frame Instead, the 2-in-1 functionality comes from how you use it. The low-profile machine easily fits under a standing day so you can walk and work at the same time. Alternatively, you can wheel it away from the desk and jog for a while. 


  • You can switch the speed settings from 0.5mph for walking to 6mph for jogging, all via a helpful remote control.
  • The LED display on the front doesn’t stick out and shows data on your total distance, steps, and calories burned during the workout.
  • There is Bluetooth connectivity so you can play music through the speaker for added motivation.


  • The slim design means that the belt isn’t the widest out there. 
  • It is a corded machine, so you need a spare outlet near your desk.

There isn’t much to this product compared to other adaptable machines. But, that is part of its charm. You can set this up with ease, store it upright after use because there is no frame, and keep working on your fitness goals

Goplus 3-in-1 Treadmill with Large Desk

Goplus 3-in-1 Treadmill with Large Desk

This alternative treadmill from Goplus goes in a different direction. Not only do you have that collapsible frame for support in the jogging mode, but you can also set this up as a workstation. As a result, you could find that this is a better productivity tool. 


  • The acrylic tabletop for the frame offers enough space for your laptop and has a clever phone holder.
  • This table is easy to remove so you can see the informative LED screen and focus on jogging.
  • You can then collapse the frame entirely for walking at a standing desk and for easier storage.


  • The top speed of 7.5mph may be too slow for some users.
  • It is unclear how durable the table is to withstand repeated use.

While there may not be much here in terms of fitness goals and programming, this is still a great machine for those that are keen to multi-task and get fit as they work. 

The Best Treadmills For Home Gyms Under 1000$

If the idea of a folding treadmill for the office isn’t quite what you are after, there are other options. As long as you have enough space within your home for a more substantial piece of kit, these larger models could prove to be highly advantageous. The construction and more high-tech consoles mean that you get a larger deck for faster-paced workouts and more programs to play with. Many of the best models also have better comfort features like music systems, tablet holders, and drink holders.

The downsides of going for a machine like this over a folding office treadmill are the footprint and cost. These bulkier machines will take up more room, but you could get an adjustable incline as a result of the larger deck. There are also lot of products on the “commercial” side of the market that will take you above that $1000 limit. Thankfully, the options below are more affordable. 

Schwinn Fitness 810 Treadmill

Woman running on Schwinn Fitness 810 Treadmill

First, we have this machine from a leading name in fitness equipment. You may be more familiar with Schwinn for their bikes, but this high-end treadmill is just as well received. It may be a little on the pricier side of the scale but still falls below that $1000 limit. 


  • The cushioned SoftTrak deck has nice and wide for stability.
  • You can make use of a range of programs via the back-lit LCD display.
  • The combination of the World App system and tablet holder allows for an immersive experience.


  • The soft-drop fold means that it still takes up space when not in use. 
  • It is slower than others in the Schwinn range with a top speed of 10mph.

The design of the console here shows why many people prefer traditional treadmills to folding ones. You get the chance to use quick keys and pulse sensors and there are deep drinks holders. The wide deck with the incline system also makes this more adaptable than the flatter under-desk machines. 

Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Incline Treadmill With Tablet And Device Holder – SF-T4400

Woman running on Sunny Health Treadmill

When we move up to Sunny Health and Fitness, we have a product that is a lot more affordable. This shows in the design of the machine and overall specification, but you still get good value for money. In fact, many of the important comfort and user-friendly features are here too. 


  • The console area still has quick keys, pulse sensors, a bolder holder, and a tablet shelf. 
  • You can easily monitor your speed, time, distance, and more on the back-lit display.
  • It folds and has transportation wheels for storage. 


  • The deck is narrower than most at 15.5inches, or just under 40cm. This could allow for some instability at a faster pace. 
  • The intensity of the speed and incline levels are good for beginners, but not amazing.

The intensity may be lacking here, but there is enough for first-time users to play around with to improve their fitness. You might find that this does just enough, or that you need to upgrade at a later date. Either way, this is a bargain with lots of potential. 

NordicTrack T Series Treadmills

Woman running on NordicTrack T Series Treadmills

Finally, we need to talk about NordicTrack. At the time of writing, this was a #1 best seller in treadmills on Amazon.com, and it isn’t hard to see why. The company has an acclaimed range of commercial models above the $1000 limit, but this one is much more affordable with some great features. 


  • A much more intense incline system up to 10 degrees, with digital controls rather than manual. 
  • The wide belt has FlexSelect cushioning and a higher weight allowance of 300 pounds.
  • A free 3-day iFit membership for training sessions and interesting workout options. 


  • The 5inch LCD display is quite small for the size of the console so not the easiest to read. 
  • It will take up quite a bit of room in a home gym.

There is a strong focus here on using the programming via the iFit subscription rather than any built-in features. This will add to the overall cost to keep the subscription running. Yet, you can still get a great workout from a well-designed machine. 

  • The Ikaria Lean Belly – The Ikaria Lean Belly Juice is a powerful fat-burning and weight management supplement that helps to burn fat and boost metabolism.

Finding the Best Treadmills Under 1000

To summarize, there are lots of great options out there that work in different at-home settings and fall below that $1000 spending limit. You can get an interesting adaptable 2-in-1 model for use at the desk or go for something more in-line with machines at the gym for intense training. Whatever your needs, there is a treadmill for you. 

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