7 Simple Exercises to Reduce Lower Belly Fat

exercises to reduce belly fat

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Lower belly fat is the extra fat stored in the body that is not utilized by the body. Hanging lower belly fat looks weird. The extra belly is unhealthy for your health, and you should melt it. Belly fat is dangerous for you if you have chronic diseases like heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. it is essential to reduce belly fat with healthy eating. Try to consume the number of calories that you can burn in a day. Do not eat many calories that your body can not burn. 

Here we will discuss some easy exercise which can melt your hanging lower belly fat:


7 Best Exercises to Lose Lower Belly Fat

1. Walking

Walking is an easy and straightforward exercise which shed body fat. Walking does not need any equipment and makes you healthy. A brisk walk in fresh air is essential to losing belly fat. Walking has potent effects on your metabolism and heart rate. Walking is a fat-burning exercise. Walking burns fats of thigh fat, belly fat, and make you healthy in 15 days. Regular walk every morning will give you positive energy and healthy life. 

2. Straight Legs Exercise

Straight legs are beneficial exercises. Simple exercise without the need for any equipment. Lie on the floor with your back and put your palms under your hips. Inhale the air and start lifting your legs upwards and feet towards the roof. Then slowly exhale the breath and down your legs. Repeat the process. You will lose your belly fat. What are you waiting for? Go and try the exercise. This exercise will lose belly fat and also make your body abs more reliable and stable. 

3. Cycling

Cycling is the best option to lose weight because it involves the thigh muscles and burn belly fat. Could you not maintain a balance while cycling? There is a famous quote, ‘Try, try again until you succeed.’ Cycling is a physical activity and helps to relax you mentally. Fix your balance in your backyard then start cycling to nearby places. Be regular in your exercise it will help you in belly fat loss.  

Still, if you can’t manage the balance of cycle, you can lie on the floor with your back. Put your crossed finger hands under your neck. Lift your legs upward in the air and start cycling. This is air cycling and can help you to lose lower belly fat. Repeat it for 15 times. 

4. Waist movement

The whole arm on the floor while the arms and the toe giving support to lift in the air. Then start moving your waist from left or right in to and fro motion. It takes more energy to do, but it is also useful to reduce your belly fat. Your focus remains between the space of your arms. Easy exercises that you will do at home without the need for any equipment. Repeat it for 15 times, then rest. Exercise regularly, you will see effective shirking in belly fat in 15 days. 

5. Legs Up and Down Movement

Lie straight on the floor from the back. Put your hands under your neck and start raising your legs maximum as possible. Move your legs maximum towards the roof and then again to straight to touch the foot heel to the floor. Repeat the process 15 times for belly fat loss. When you move maximum your legs upwards, the belly’s shrinking helps to melt hanging belly fat. 

6. Upper Body Movement

Lie on the floor and put your crossed finger under your neck. Bend your legs, and with the full power, start pulling your upper side of the body towards the belly. Your belly shrinks during the process, which is useful for fast belly melting. Your muscles become more durable, and the belly fat shrink. Repeat the process for 15 times and then rest. Regular exercise will help you in weight loss and extra hanging belly fat loss. 

7. Pushups

Pushups are great for belly fat loss. Hands palm on the floor and your foot toes to support you in air. By maximum power, start pulling your whole body upwards and downward movement, which is excellent for belly loss. Your muscles during pushups are stressed to perform better. Correct your position; otherwise, your back or shoulder starts to pain. 5-10 pushups each day is more than enough for losing belly fat.

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