Can Swimming Help you Lose Weight

woman swimming in pool with red swimsuit

Are you doing the traditional method for weight loss? Like walking or running? You must try the advanced and fresh method of weight loss that is swimming. No doubt, walking is essential in weight loss. You can walk around your swimming pool and then swim in it. Swimming involves your whole body and is best for weight loss but not more than walking. 

Swimming is a natural skill and inexpensive as well. You can enjoy your own company while swimming with playing with water. By swimming, you can lose weight because you use legs and arms to float over water and your back muscles to propel you. 

So here we will discuss how swimming helps you in weight loss:


Swimming for weight loss

swimming for weight loss

Swimming helps in weight reduction because you are using your arms, legs, and core for swimming. Swimming involves your body working against the drag effect of the water, which may increase the energy to use. This is how your body is working in a swimming pool and thus helps in weight reduction. 

Other exercises of weight loss will decrease your appetite because of sweating, but swimming in the pool is cold, and your body is relaxed. So your body increases appetite when you came out of the pool. Your body wants to eat some fruits or fresh juices to normalize your body temperature to normal. You are spending more energy to warm your body after a swim, thus helps in weight loss. 

Swimming is suitable for everyone who wants to lose weight because it is natural, healthy, and less likely to get injured. Whereas in cycling, running, skating, there is a chance to get injured. Swimming involves your whole body as cycling or running; you use your whole body; thus, swimming is also beneficial for weight loss and other health benefits. 

How many calories will you burn during swimming?

Burning calories may vary from person to person because it depends on your current weight and the swimming hours. A 70kg and 75kg person loses 500 calories and 650 calories during the one-hour swim, respectively. So it is suitable for those who want to lose weight but do not want to do jogging of lifting your body exercise. 

Swimming is an excellent exercise that is super lazy and wants to lose weight; you will see incredible results in 15 days. Stay motivated is the key to success in any journey. 

“Getting started in swimming is easy. It is a sport for all age groups, skill and fitness levels.”

Does swimming help in belly fat loss?

Keep that in mind, an exercise that will burn calories can lose your belly fat too. Some exercises like pushups, planking, and cycling help in belly fat reduction, but most women cannot do that because these are quite tricky exercises. 

swimming belly fat

Just like planking, swimming also targets your core and makes your muscles healthy. Swimming the easy exercise for women to lose their extra body fat, including belly fat. If you are a beginner, then take care of yourself and not go deep down inside the water. Follow the precautionary measures if you do not know swimming. 

Mummies can take their children with them to enjoy the water and have some fun time, mum. Household women can also spare half an hour for themselves and enjoy the pool for weight loss. It will also have positive effects on mental health. Swimming is also beneficial for your knee, hips, and feet, and easy to do without wearing a heavy costume. 

Swimming also improves your mood; there is a release of the dopamine hormone that makes you happy. Swimming also boosts confidence and social skills. Swimming also relieves stress and anxiety from you.  


Swimming helps in weight loss and improves overall fitness. Swimming is suitable for all age groups and can provide a healthy workout. Swimming helps to improve the cardio muscles, asthma, and to sleep well. Excess of everything is terrible, do not think to swim for more than one hour. Less than an hour is enough for a swimming workout. 

Swimming loses weight very speedy because it involves your whole body muscles, and you did not get tired even for an hour. Swimming is comfortable for women who cannot do heavy workouts. Staying healthy is a basic need for both men and women. So do the exercise that suits you most for a healthy body.

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