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Losing weight doesn’t have to be daunting with proper dieting. In fact, you do not need to deny your body foods as long as you can plan the diet well. The most important issue about avoiding being overweight beyond the BMI is maintaining a proper diet. You can make use of diet planner apps and portion control equipment to ensure sticking to the diet. These help you to avoid the challenges involved in counting calories all the time. Then you can choose your diet wisely. 

Easy-to-follow short-term solution diets such as the cabbage diet soups are easy to make and leave you satisfied. They are more preferable for people who want to lose weight faster.

A three-day military diet claims to help people lose 10 pounds a week. The diet includes low-calorie foods and those high in protein while avoiding snacking. Then it avoids all manner of drinks except the drink herbal teas such as green tea, coffee, or water. The diet avoids excessive calorie intake by controlling portions and counting calories – basically 1100-1400 calories a day.

The diet involves eating 3 meals a day for 3 days of the week where you avoid snacking, alcohol, milk, and sweeteners, or any other drink apart from herbal teas. The three days are then followed by a four-day off-set meal plan which includes snacking and drinking anything as long as the daily calorie intake does not exceed 1500 calories/day. You can also substitute all these with vegetarian foods as long as the calories are not exceeded.

The Pritikin diet's idea is to eat high fiber food to give the tummy a fulfillment feeling. The Pritikin diet is a low-fat diet and high fiber, containing all those foods full of water. Pritikin diet includes the eating...
For over five decades, the Mediterranean diet has remained at the top among all other diets in the world. It involves an eating pattern characterized by fruits, whole grains, vegetables, olive oil, and legumes. Eggs, poultry, and fermented dairy...
A vegetarian diet is at which you start eating vegetables, fruits, and skipping meat. Vegetarian people think that it’s the best way to boost metabolism. It is true, but if you avoid eating meat, you may lack some nutrients...
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