How Vital is Metabolism for Weight Loss?

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Metabolism is the chemical process of breakdown of food into energy inside your body. Metabolism converts all the protein, carbs, and fats from the food into energy which is helpful for the proper cell functioning. The speed at which your body is burning calories is the metabolic rate. 

Having a high metabolic rate will give you more energy and make you feel active after eating food. People have a slow metabolic rate; often, they feel lazy and tired after having a full meal. Even while resting your body needs some energy for basic functioning; breathing, heart beating, body movements, etc. it is called the basal metabolic rate. 


The basal metabolic rate may differ from person to person; it may vary from genetics, age, gender weight, height, and body diet. Some exceptions are always there due to medical disorder and climate change.  

Exercise and diet boost your metabolism even when you are resting. Metabolism burns calories during rest or physical activity which helps you in weight loss. If you have a high-speed metabolic rate, then you should eat more to balance your body energy to remains active. But if you have a slow-going digestion process and food takes more time to digest properly, then you should eat those foods that will boost your metabolic rate. 

Your body is design to store excess energy in fat cells, whether the body has a slow or fast metabolic rate. If the metabolic rate is slow and you keep on eating and drinking food enriched with calories, then; as a result, you will gain weight. On the other hand, if your metabolic rate is high and you consume fewer calories, then it may disturb your basal metabolic rate. You become weak because your body is also design to detect the feeling of starvation when lacking energy, so it’s essential to take some healthy food immediately. 

It’s essential to follow these steps to maintain a healthy balanced weight and metabolic rate:

  • Eat breakfast regularly, try to eat food that boosts your energy and prevent it from fat storage. 
  • Take small and healthy snacks throughout the day, to keep your metabolism busy in burning fuel all day. 
  • Eat more lean protein, and then your body burns more calories when you eat protein as compare to carbs and fats.

These tips will help to keep your metabolic system busy and do not store food in fat cells in the body. 

Metabolism is a natural process some have high and other people have fast metabolic rate, and your body also has many different functions by which the body fulfil its basic needs. But it is also true that some people lose weight quickly and efficiently when they cease eating more calories food. But many people feel it difficult to lose weight; they should increase burning calories than intake calories. You have to burn more calories by physical activity or to lessen the intake of calories in daily routine. 

It is true that having fewer calories and physical activity will help in weight loss. So you have to adopt those foods and physical activities that will help you with weight loss.  Naturally, boost your metabolism by physical strength activities and eat more lean protein which leads to weight loss. But if you stop following activities, your body will revert to slow metabolism. You have to adopt a healthy habit that will help you to live a longer and healthy life. Try to walk, cycling, and use stairs instead of the lift will help to burn more calories. 


Muscles cells in your body need more energy to maintain than fat cells. That is the reason why some people remains smart even if they eat more calories food. People with more muscles than fat cells have a faster metabolism, that’s why they do not get obese.  Obese people can change their metabolic rate, so they have more muscles than stored fat cells. You have to take an eye on the calories you eat and the calories you burn, which is helpful to change your weight. 

Your nutritional health is the most precious thing you have on this planet. If you are healthy and active than everything surrounds you feels good; otherwise, you will become a crabby person that no one likes. Take care of yourself.

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