Most Important Vitamins When Losing Weight

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Health food contains all essential nutrients and vitamins to fulfil the body needs. But if you try to lose weight by adding a few vitamins supplements or eat those foods which are full of vitamins, it gives an extra boost to the metabolism. It is important to note that all the vitamins and minerals not created equally. Metabolism naturally slows down with age, so to boost it, you have to eat vitamins. Vitamins play a vital role in boosting body functions and help to lose weight. 

Here we will discuss some essential vitamins that help you in weight loss


Vitamins B

Vitamin B is essential for weight loss, so you have to eat those vitamins that enriched with vitamins B. seafood, brown rice, eggs, dairy products, nuts, fruits (banana, apple, grapes and watermelon), vegetables enrich with vitamin B (spinach, potatoes and squash). 

Vitamin B12 is essential for body nourishment which is present in dairy and animal products. Some people find it difficult to metabolize B12 vitamin because they are consuming more vegetables. B12 is present in milk and some spreads such as marmite. Vitamin B12 and B6 help in the metabolism of protein and fat. Thiamine helps to metabolize protein, carbs and fats. Beef liver, tuna sandwich and whole-grain cereal are the rich source of vitamin B12. 

Vitamin D

Vitamin D will help you to lose weight, and deficiency of it may cause weight gain. Intake of vitamin D in breakfast will help to improve metabolism. If you are struggling to lose weight then must choose the natural source of vitamin D which contains fatty fish, salmon, tuna, egg yolk, red meat etc. store as much as vitamin D in your body. 

You can absorb vitamin D from the sunlight, food and supplements. Morning UV rays are essential for your body to fulfil body demands. Studies have shown that a person becomes obese if they have a vitamin D deficiency. All obese people have their vitamin test; then they came to know that there is a deficiency of vitamin D. 

Omega-3 fatty acid


Omega-3 fatty acid helps in weight loss because it keeps you full for longer. Fish oil has omega3 fatty acid that helps in weight loss. Fish oil is beneficial for those who have fatty liver disease, and omega-3 will help to reduce abdominal fat and decrease the blood sugar level. 

It is recommended to take 250mg-300mg in a day, but if you are facing the severe disease of deficiency, then a higher dose will be recommended. Omega-3 helps you to decrease little fat from the body. Eating fish twice a week is healthy for your diet. Do not fry the fish because it contains vegetable oil but prefer to grill, boiled or bake the fish to get a high amount of omega-3. 


Intake of calcium daily boost your health and weight loss. Calcium increases our body temperature, which helps to burn the body fat. Fat-free or low dairy fat is essential for everyday consumption. The daily target of calcium intake from leafy green and tofu helps in weight loss. Dairy products will keep you full for longer and helps to burn fat. Those foods that are low in fat have high nutrients which is a smart choice in weight loss.

 If you are underweight and worried about your weight and not eating calcium, then do not worry. Calcium only loses the weight of the person who ae overweight. The person who has ideal weight or underweight calcium helps to gain their weight. So we came to know that calcium is healthy to intake for everyone. So add calcium into your diet and stay healthy. 

Green tea

Green tea has a large number of antioxidant which boost your metabolism and boost your immunity. Everyday green tea at night helps to lose weight.  Green tea will also help to improves heart health. Green tea before 30 minutes of bedtime helps to improve our sleep. On the other hand, caffeine disturbs your sleep. Green tea at night will help to burn your body fat. 

Add a few drops of lemon in green tea at night is recommended. Green tea and black tea have Camellia sinuses leaves which help in weight loss. Green tea contains essential vitamins like folic acids, vitamin B12, vitamin C etc. 


Some essential vitamins like discussed above that help you in weight loss. These specific vitamins not only burns calories but also reduce your belly waistline. Try to eat organic products to the intake of these vitamins. Supplements can be taken if needed but do not try to eat manufactured products. Vitamins alone do not give you weight loss, but you have to do some physical exercises to help weight loss. Eat healthy and low calories but full of nutrients food with some exercise helps you in fast weight loss.

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