Obesity Problem and How to Control It

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Obesity is defined as a lot of harmful fat accumulation in the body. A body mass BMI over 25 is considered overweight, and BMI over 30 is considered obese. Obesity may measure by an individual body mass index, height, gender, and weight. Obesity is considered if a person is 20% above its average weight. 

Commonly obesity is caused by eating unhealthy food too much and moving/exercise too little. If a person consumes high-calorie food and does not burn calories by physical activities or through a workout, it is stored inside the body as body fat. Obesity is hard to treat, so prevention is essential.


Here we will discuss more obesity problems, what causes obesity, and how to prevent obesity.

What are the leading causes of obesity?

Some people are born obese, and some have an unhealthy lifestyle by which they get obese. Adopting an unhealthy lifestyle and not doing any physical activity for the long term will cause an accumulation of fat inside the body. Eating a lot of calories, then burning may lead to storage of fat and cause weight gain. There are some causes of obesity that cannot be controlled.

  • Obesity in genetics can only be control, and it depends on how your body processes food into energy and how your fat is stored in the body.
  • Obesity with growing age is caused by slower metabolic rate and which cause the gain weight.
  • If you do not take enough 8hours of sleep, then hormonal changes make you feel hunger. Some people stay up late at night and eat snacks to fill the craving for high-calorie food.
  • Women gain weight during pregnancy, and it became difficult for them to lose after delivery.
  • Females suffer from some diseases like polycystic ovaries syndrome, Cushing syndrome, osteoarthritis, and other health issues that may cause lower physical activities or hormonal changes, which results in weight gain.
  • Sometimes depression is the leading cause of weight gain, or some people eat more food to comfort their emotions. Eating antidepressants may increase the risk of weight gain.
  • Medicines that contain steroids or birth control pills may also risk obesity.

What are the significant problems caused by obesity?

Obesity can cause inflammation in the body that may cause the risk of cancer. Obesity can cause many health diseases that are life-threatening if not treated well. You should treat certain diseases caused by obesity are; diabetes type 2, blood pressure, cholesterol, stroke, cancer, infertility, gallbladder, etc.

During the pandemic situation, many people are at home and get obese to increase COVID-19 symptoms. Eating healthy and adopting a healthy lifestyle is the only option left behind.

Some people isolate themselves because of overweight, and some have low work achievement due to obesity, so it is necessary to reduce the weight. Obese people will feel shame and guilt in social gatherings and often feel depressed due to obesity.

How to control obesity?

Control obesity in kids from early ages. Built a little habit to Eat healthy food include fruits, vegetables, and protein in your diet and kids’ diet. Lifestyle and behavioral changes may help you with weight loss.

  • Try to eat high calories food in a moderate amount.
  • Make a habit of little physical exercise daily like; walking, cycling, or swimming daily 15-20minutes.
  • Check your weight once a week to get to know whether your efforts are paying off or not. Checking weight can help you keep motivated and help you detect small weight gain before becoming a big problem.
  • Try to avoid overeating; only eat when you feel hungry. Eat healthy snacks and food, and improve sleep time.
  • Limit your screen time and spend time in any physical activity. Having enough sleep and exercise play an important role in adopting a healthy weight.
  • Eat good healthy fat, avoid sugary drinks, eat dietary fiber, eat protein that keeps your tummy full for longer.
  • Learn to reduce stress or try to consult a psychologist to treat depression. Reducing stress triggers the brain that changes the eating patterns reduces late-night cravings for high calories food. Reduce stress will help to control the obesity problem.  


Healthy body weight is vital to maintain healthy living. Try to add little effort every day to prevent obesity. Small changes in daily life; adding fruits and vegetables to your diet and visiting the gym twice a week, can reduce weight. Obesity is dangerous because obesity can bring thousands of diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease, etc.

Controlling the food portion is essential to prevent from becoming obese. If you can go and consult a dietician, it will work effectively. Or consult a gym instructor; he will guide you in proper exercises that easily shred weight and work best for you. If you want to live healthily, then eat healthily.

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