Okinawa Diet: How Does it Work?

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Okinawa diet is a traditional diet of Japanese because they live longer with a healthy diet. Japanese are not suffering from health problems because they eat healthy, Okinawa healthy diet.  Okinawa diet is low in calories and fats but high in carbohydrates. In recent years, the Japanese modified their diet to low in calories, balanced carbs, and high protein and fat. Healthy fat and protein are essential nutrients of your body and feel you fuller for longer. 

How the Japanese follow the Okinawa diet? What foods do they eat? What are the health benefits of the Okinawa diet? We will discuss this in detail.

About Okinawa diet

Okinawan lifestyle is mindful eating and includes daily self-care. Exercise is mandatory to live a long and healthy life. The Okinawa diet plan includes vegetables and legumes, grain, some noodles, boiled rice, and fish for protein. 


Okinawa’s daily diet includes vegetables, green and yellow vegetables. Vegetable roots such as sweet potatoes and yellow pumpkin are full of carotenoids that act as antioxidant and reduce inflammation. 

Yellow and purple potatoes are the source of carbs and eat rice somedays not to get bored by the same eating. Mushrooms, seaweeds, fishes are a source of protein to fulfill essential body nutrients. Now we will discuss what food you should eat at the Okinawa diet and what to avoid for a healthy life.

“Okinawa diet improves the body functions and saves you from may chronic diseases like; heart attack, cancer, and diabetes.”

Okinawa diet: Foods to eat:

Vegetables (sweet potatoes, bamboo shoots, reddish, cabbage, carrots, pumpkin, green papaya, seaweeds), grains (noodles, white boiled rice, wheat), soy foods, meat and seafood (fish and seafood’s), and you can also intake a small amount of alcohol and tea daily.   

Okinawa diet: food to avoid:

Red meat includes (salmon fish, hot dogs, sausages), animal products (yogurt, milk, cheese, butter), processed foods (processed milk, processed chips, snacks, breakfast cereals) and legumes, most fruits and nuts, etc. 

Okinawa diet benefits:

Long life span:

Okinawa diet has healthy, nutritious foods and foods with antioxidant properties. People who follow the Okinawa diet will live up to 100 years without been paralyzed in the whole world. No other people will have the longest life span than those who follow the Okinawa diet. 

A high level of free radicles in the body will damage your cells and boost aging. Okinawa diet has many vegetables the reduce the free radicles and gives a healthy life span. Antioxidant rich foods with slow the process of inflammation and aging. 

Healthy life:

Okinawa diet improves the body functions and saves you from may chronic diseases like; heart attack, cancer, and diabetes. Okinawa food is enriched with essential nutrients that enhance inflammation. Health care dieticians say that sweet potatoes are the best carbs to eat for a healthy life. Sweet potatoes have crucial nutrients like; calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin C. 

Eating breakfast

Colorful vegetables are good sources of carotenoids, and carotenoids have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Carotenoids help to improve heart and diabetes type-2. Legumes are healthy for chronic diseases like cancer. Soybeans help to improves breast cancer. 

Is the Okinawa diet healthy for you?

Beneficial effects for the human body discussed above the Okinawa diet written above. You want to live longer without been paralyzed or have health problems. Okinawa diet suggests eating more antioxidant foods, vegetables, fiber, and restrict processed food. These restrictions are on many other diets, so it is a healthy step if you can do it for weight loss. Snacks are unhealthy and promote aging. 

If you are still confused either to adopt this diet or not, you should consult with a dietician. Dieticians will plan is tailored to your hands with some changes if needed. If you have allergic to some food, then dietician will guide you better in this matter. 


Growing old is the sad reality of life. If you become paralyze, then your life becomes tougher. Staying healthy throughout life is the wish of every person. Japanese who rely on Okinawa diet are doing their work at the age of hundred. Okinawa diet emphasizes healthy and mindful lifestyle eating. Exercise is essential in once life for healthy living. If you do not exercise daily, your bones start aching, and if you do not move them for many days, it might be possible to paralyze. 

If you want long healthy life and want to boost your health till last breath, then the Okinawa diet is worth trying for you. Healthy and long life is a success.

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