Rapid Weight Loss: How Does it Work?

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Rapid weight loss is a diet type in which you loss 1 kg in a week, and to weight loss this quickly you have to eat few calories. It is normal to lose weight, but at a rapid speed, this may be unhealthy for your body. It has stated that weight loss at slow speed is the better way and more prolonged effect. Losing weight slowing will keep it off for the long term. Let us see, either rapid weight loss good for health or not, and how does it work?

Rapid weight loss is only safe if you are doing exercise with a diet plan. Weight loss for 2-3 pounds in a week is healthy. If the body is losing 1 kg or more than it in a week, then it is a rapid loss. People prefer to eat low calories diet instead to do exercise because It is easy for them.  

At the initial period, you lose weight more rapidly; it is called the water weight. When the body is consuming low calories, then the body starts burning the stored energy called glycogen. The glycogen which was bound to water starts burning for body fuel, the body then releases that water. This is the reason why you observe a significant drop in weight during the first week of the weight loss journey. Once your body utilizes the stored glycogen, then your weight loss should stabilize at 1-2 pounds per week. The plan that slowly loss weight usually helps you build up a habit of healthy eating like fruits and vegetables and drinking more water instead of sugary drinks.  It enables you to keep off weight loss long term.



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The best guide for rapid weight loss?

Rapid weight loss may effective if you keep concerning the issues with your health doctor or dietician. Having support from a dietician can improve a chance of long term weight loss. Dieticians try to improve the health risks that come with eating low calories, and these risks include muscle loss and nutritional deficiencies etc. people who try to rapid weight loss without concerning from dietician or health doctor have a higher risk of these medical conditions. 

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Health risk by rapid weight loss

Rapid weight loss is usually not recommended because the diet which promotes rapid weight loss are low in calories and nutrients. You may loss muscles and nutritional deficiencies like poor immune function, hair loss, fatigue, bones become weak. You can avoid these health risks by consulting your dietician by eating diet rich and unprocessed foods. Highly rich protein foods will help you lose weight and keep your craving full. 

Guide for weight loss at a healthy rate:

Here we will discuss weight loss in a healthy rate to maintain the results of weight loss for the long term.

Chew slowly

Eat your food slowly, chew them thoroughly can help you feel full for longer and boost your metabolic rate. Chew food ultimately helps to increase the digestion process. 

Eat fibre and protein

Protein and fibre rich food keep your appetite craving full for longer. Soluble fibre rich fruits help to improve the digestive system. Protein-rich food gives you energy and keeps you active and healthy.  

Drink green tea and cut down sugar

Green tea may improve your metabolic rate, for a healthy weight loss follow the low carb diet and cut sugary drinks from regular intake and replace it with green tea or water. These tips would help you with weight loss in a rapid and healthy rate. 



In conclusion

Slow and steady changing your eating and exercise habit would help you lose weight at a healthy rate and keep it off for the long term. If you eat healthily, you will stay healthy and live a healthy life. If you are taking a low calories diet, then please consult with your health doctor or dietician. Health is the most precious gift losing weight in raid amount by eating pills may damage your health, so do not try to play with your health. Stay happy and healthy.

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