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This Slim Over 55 review will explain how older women can use its diets and workouts to meet their wellness goals. All of the workouts can be done at home, allowing you to lose weight or maintain fitness in a comfortable environment. This review will discuss the procs and cons of using the system. 

Women over 55 undergo changes in their bodies which require them to adjust to a new way of living. Menopause brings a drop in hormone levels , which is sometimes treated with medication. However, weight and health problems that are associated with this can be addressed in a healthier way. Silm Over 55 has detailed instructions from an expert, which help you to activate your metabolism and bring back your youthful look, through healthy workouts.


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  • A completely different and realistic approach for women over 55. The program is based on medical, scientific, and nutritional facts.
  • Easy-to-follow guidelines and workouts.
  • It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. No Questions Asked.
  • Slim Over 55 is customized to meet the needs of women who are affected by lower metabolism.
  • No special equipment is required for this system.
  • It only costs $7
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About Slim Over 55

Aline P
Aline Pilani

Slim Over 55 is a program designed by Aline Pilani, a renowned fitness trainer and nutritionist. She is certified as a trainer and has helped over 20,000 women from across the world to achieve their fitness goals. She created the program based on the objectives of her clients and it helps to meets the needs of older women. It is based on physiological, nutritional and scientific research, which tackles the reasons why women over 55 sometimes find it difficult lose weight. 

Comprehensive instructions are included in the program and these are complemented by workout videos. You’ll need to stick with the program for at least 30 days to get significant results. 

before and after body transformation

Features of Slim Over 55Workouts for Men Over 50 

Silm Over 55 has three main sections. These are the:

  • Weight loss manual
  • Daily success checklists
  • Workouts

The weight loss manual has a list of do’s and don’ts. It gives you diets and exercises, which are catered to the needs and abilities of your body. You will learn about herbs that can be used to activate your metabolism and other foods, including veggies and carbs, that you should avoid or have regularly. 

The workouts include six full-body workouts, along with a complete workout plan for thirty days. The exercises are simple but effective. You can use them to strengthen the muscles in your legs, hips and other critical areas. This increases your strength, so you are less likely to fall or become injured as you go about your daily activities.

The daily success checklists help you to stay on track with your goals. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment each day, as you realize how much work you’ve done to take you closer to your optimal weight and fitness level. 

I am 67 and I think I was the first one to join Slim Over 55 test group almost 4 years ago. I lost 32 pounds already and didn’t feel like I as on a weight loss program at all as I could eat much as I wanted!

Helena Damnak
65 years before and after weight loss

Four Special Herbs

Four special herbs are used as a part of the system. These herbs help to address the hormonal changes which are experienced by older women. As with all supplements, you can talk with your doctor about these herbs and how they may affect or body. These herbs are considered safe for most women but if you have a chronic health condition or are on medication, you should discuss them with your doctor before using them. You should also talk to your doctor before you start any kind of exercise program. 

Cheat Meals

While you should not regularly cheat by having things like ice cream or other sweet deserts, the plan does include a few approved cheat meals. You’ll have regular meals included in the manual, which allow you to relax a little from the regimen you’ll follow. The manual also describes a post-workout shake that supplies your body with essential nutrients that boost recovery.

Macro Nutrients

Three vital macro nutrients are described in the manual and it is important for you to get enough of these nutrients each day. The foods that are recommended in the manual help you to get many of the nutrients that you will need for your body to function as it was designed to. If you cannot have any of the foods for any reason, consider using supplements to ensure that you get the nutrients that you require.

Five-Minute Workouts

While the program has several full-body workouts, these are long and you’ll only be able to complete them when you have enough time. Aline P has considered this and so, the system includes several five-minute workouts. These can help you to boost your metabolism when they are done regularly. They are included in the Slim Over 55 manual and can be used to complement the longer, full-body workouts.

Most of the workouts in the program are designed for beginners. If you’ve never done a workout in your life, or sometimes casually run or walk for exercise, you will find these workouts helpful. They can easily be managed by someone who has also stopped exercising regularly for years. Advanced workouts are also included in the program, although there are less of these. 

How much weight can you lose?

Women who are focused and stick with the program for at least 30 days have been able to lose 13 pounds. Some women have lost more weight than this but the result will vary a bit because every woman’s body is different. 

This program addresses critical factors that often keep people from losing weight when their body’s hormone levels drop. Even if you stick to the exact nutritional plan that you followed in your thirties, you may find yourself putting on weight after 55 because your metabolism has slowed down.

This can cause some women to be confused and discouraged because their habits have not changed. This program is encouraging because it uses herbs to help you deal with the changes in your metabolism. The exercises that are described and demonstrated in the videos, will also help to boost your metabolism. 

Increasing your metabolism allows your body to use energy more efficiently, so that you can lose weight. It’s important to note that along with with herbs and exercises, Slim After 55 also describes changes that you can make to your regular meals. These changes will help you to maximize the way that your body uses nutrients. Even if you already follow a healthy nutritional plan, you can benefit from the information provided here.

Pros of Sllm Over 55

  • Slim Over 55 s a genuine program, which is based on the real drawbacks associated with beginning a training program after the age of 55. It takes the needs of women over 55 into consideration in all aspects, considering their health needs and chronic conditions which affect women at this age and older.
  • Slim Over 55 is customized to meet the needs of women who are affected by lower metabolism. If you’re experiencing hormonal imbalances, you will still see results by using the program. The exercises are easy to do, so even if you do not have any experience in adjusting to a new diet, you can make the changes necessary to benefit from this guide.

  • It’s easy to get started with this system. You can pay for it and download the PDF in minutes. While it’s based on scientific research, everything that you’ll need to do is described in a simple way, with all the instructions delivered step by step.

  • Sim Over 55 is affordable. There are several weight loss programs on the market but this one could easily be ranked among the least costly options for women who want to get fit. It only costs $7.

  • No special equipment is required for this system. You will not have to buy an elliptical, a rowing machine or even heavy weights in order to complete the program. You’ll boost your energy and immunity power by using what you already have in your own home, such as your smart TV and your laptop.

  • This system comes with a money back guarantee. You can try it for two months and if you don’t experience the changes that it promises, you can get your money back. The guarantee is for 60 days.

Cons of Slim Over 55

  • Slim over 55 can only be purchased online. You cannot buy it in a physical store, so if you do not like to shop online, that can be a drawback. You’ll also have to purchase it through its approved merchant. It’s not available anywhere else. However, once you’ve bought and downloaded the program, you can keep going back to the PDF whenever you wish.
  • You will have to be focused on using the program consistently for at least 30 days to experience the best results. If you are not focused within the first 30 days or give up before the first few weeks are up, you’re unlikely to achieve the changes in your body that you’re aiming for. You’ll also have to stick with the diet changes. If you have external cheat days often, where you eat things that you shouldn’t have, you won’t achieve what you desire by doing the program.


Slim Over 55 is a designed in a way that makes it easy to use. Women over 55 from all around the world have been able to successfully lose weight and attain a new level of fitness by using the system. It fits well into a woman’ life, with exercises and nutritional recommendations that are simple and easy to follow.

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