Slim Over 55 Review 

Slim Over 55 review

Toxic diets, sluggish routines, and physical inactivity – this is pretty much everything that is happening in the life of an average American. Due to this reason, the number of obese individuals is increasing every day. The internet is flooded with plenty of weight-loss programs. Some of them are quite useful, and some are just fancy names. However, if you are a 55-year-old woman, this is just the right place for you. Slim Over 55 is a weight-loss program, that is particularly designed for women over 55.

About the Program: 

There is a myth that once you reach the age of 55, it’s impossible to achieve the desired weight or get a flat stomach. This program denounces all the myths, and it is probably the only program designed for women over 55 years of age. Slim Over 55 is useful for all those women who have gone through menopause, and now need to get the hormonal balance

“Each workout video has detailed instructions on how to modify the workout according to your fitness level, so even if you have a health issue or you hardly more, you have no excuse not to get started RIGHT NOW!“

Aline P.

What is included? 

This program has multiple components that are entirely digital. It includes: 

  • A Weight Loss Manual, which describes the whole regimen, and helps to expand the number of hours that weight continues to be lost. 
  • A guide to some special workouts suitable for women over 55. It consists of a 30-day regimen that warms up the body for the initial beginner lessons.
  • A Daily Success Checklist to make sure that you do not drift away from the track and marks all steps you need to take every day.  
Aline P. author of slim over 55 program
Aline P. Creator of Slim over 55 Program

Who created Slim Over 55?

The mastermind behind this program is Aline P. She is a certified and experienced personal trainer, nutritionist, and weight loss expert. She has various certifications that back every point stated in this program.


  1. A completely different and realistic approach for women over 55. The program is based on medical, scientific, and nutritional facts.  
  2. Easy-to-follow guidelines and workouts. 
  3. The exercise videos come with clear instructions and are super easy to follow and hear. 
  4. As compared to other weight-loss programs available online, Slim Over 55 is extremely affordable. 
  5. The written guide is filled with all kinds of food lists and recipes that are excellent for women over 55 looking forward to losing weight.
  6. It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. No Questions Asked.

“The Slim Over 55 program has changed my life from a said, lethargic and always tired to energetic and happy! I am 58 but I know this summer I will wear a bikini!“

Marie Nunberg


They, normally, the price of this program is $47. But, during the coronavirus pandemic, the creators have brought down the price to $7, so more women can be benefitted.

Where to buy Slim Over 55 program? 

You can gain access to this program from it’s official website through the link given below. Also, you can see reviews of hundreds of satisfied lady customers. 

Final Verdict:  

Slim Over 55 offers a realistic approach to women over 55 who like to tone their bodies. The program takes health risks for women over 55 into consideration, which makes it safe to use. As stated above, it comes with a money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose, right? Invest in yourself right away!