The Ultimate Guide to the Canned Soup Diet

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With so many diets out there, it can be hard to decide which one will be the best for you. There are are low calorie diets, sugar-free diets, keto diets, and a whole lot more. Some of these diets work great, others not so much.

There are also diets which have a placebo effect, which is the opposite of what you want to happen. What this means is that once your diet is over and you start eating normally again, you just gain more than what you started off with. Your body has gotten used to eating low calories, and once you introduce more calories into your diet, you gain weight.

It is important to beware of such diets, especially ones which require you to eat a very low amount of calories each day for an extended period of time, such as a month or longer. 


One diet which not only works to help you lose the excess fat but also doesn’t have this negative effect on your body is the canned soup diet. What is the canned soup diet?

This article acts as a guide and discusses in detail everything there is to know about this particular diet. It will also answer some questions concerning it, including what exactly is the canned soup diet, what it involves you to consume, and the pros and cons of going on this diet.

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What Is The Canned Soup Diet? 

The canned soup diet is a version of the original soup diet, and it is a great way if you want to lose a couple of pounds. There is no exact guidelines on how many times a day you should eat, but it is recommended to consume three meals a day. This should include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Usually this diet lasts from around a week (7 days) to 10 days. Staying on this diet any longer would not be healthy. This diet involves eating canned soups which are preferably nutritious and low in calories, such as vegetable, chicken, or chicken bone broth soup. 

It is important to do your research before choosing the canned soups you will be eating on this diet to ensure it is high in vitamins and low on sugar, fat, and salt. A canned soup should preferably have no more than 500 mg of sodium in a can. Too much sodium can raise you blood pressure and cause water retention, which can be hard for you to determine whether or not you have lost any weight. 

So how much weight can you lose on the canned soup diet? Usually around 10 pounds in a week, but it all depends on you and your body size. You may lose less or more, and heavier individuals will especially shed off a considerable amount of weight. Additionally, this diet will help you detox your body

Some people may prefer to eat two meals of canned soup during the day, and replace one meal with something solid. This may include a chicken breast, fish, or turkey, with vegetables or a small quantity of carbohydrates. 

As well as that, some will choose to do calorie cycling on this diet, meaning that they will eat less calories one day, and more on another. This will confuse your metabolism and it will not be able to get accustomed to a low calorie plan which could cause you to gain weight after you begin to eat normally again. In turn, you may lose more weight altogether. 

  • All you Need to Know About Soup Diets – A large number of people are looking for excellent ways to lose weight. A great way to lose weight is by using a soup diet. A soup diet refers to a diet that mostly consists of vegetable broths.

Pros And Cons Of The Canned Soup Diet 

This diet may sound very appealing to a lot of people, as not only will it help you lose around 10 pounds of weight, but it also allows you to eat a variety of different soups, which are full of flavor and increase satiety. Other diets can be overly strict, allowing you to eat only plain or basic foods. 

However, just as with every other diet, the canned soup diet has both its pros and cons. Below are some of them to help you choose if this diet is right for you:


  • You can choose a different soup for every meal.
  • Soup keeps you fuller for longer.
  • Some canned soups contain a lot of nutrients, vegetables, and protein, depending what brand you choose from.
  • You stay hydrated due to the water content in soup.


  • A lot of canned soups contain a high amount sodium and are unhealthy.
  • Three canned soups a day still don’t make up a healthy or safe amount of calories to consume daily.
  • Canned soup usually excludes dairy and fruit from your diet.

Healthiest Brands Of Canned Soup To Choose From

Health Valley Organic Chicken Noodle Soup

This soup is made from organic vegetables, including carrots and celery, as well as dark meat chicken, offering plenty of nutrients and vitamins, such as Vitamin A. It is incredibly low on sodium. 

Healthy Valley Organic No Salt Added Lentil Soup

Another very healthy option, this canned soup is extremely low on sodium and is composed mainly of lentils, which contain a great deal of fibre and protein. 

Pacific Foods Organic Chicken Noodle Soup

Though slightly higher in sodium, this canned soup is still a fantastic choice, as it offers an abundance of protein which comes from the organic chicken it contains, as well as beneficial bone broth. It also contains organic vegetables, which provide a number of vitamins and antioxidants for the body. 

Daily Harvest Cauliflower And Leek Soup

Containing under 300 mg of sodium, this soup is a healthy option for your diet plan. It contains both cauliflower and leek, which are some of the most nutritious vegetables to choose from. 

Imagine Foods Unsalted Free Range Chicken Broth

This delicious canned soup is made of bone broth, which is extremely good for health, as well as organic vegetables, and a range of herbs and spices. It is very low in sodium unlike other soups, making it great for including in your diet plan. 

  • 14 Day Rapid Soup Diet – With the Rapid Soup Diet, you will feel full for a long time with fewer calories than you ever thought possible. The rapid soup detox diet also detoxifies your lymphatic system, allowing your body to clean itself properly, and boosts your metabolism.


In conclusion, is the canned soup diet worth it? The canned soup diet is not the ultimate long-term weight loss solution, as it should only last no more than 7 to 10 days. However, it is a great way to shed a few pounds, and does not deprive you of nutrition and variety like other diets. It also keeps you full, boosts your hydration, and allows you to choose the flavors you like, as long as they are healthy options and low in sodium.

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