What is Intermittent Fasting? Is it Safe?

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a schedule of eating and fasting than a specific diet plan. In intermittent fasting, a person can eat a few hours, and other hours remain on fasting for weight loss. People say that intermittent fasting is healthy and helps you to fight for many diseases and help you with weight loss journey. 

All other diet includes specific foods and avoids some foods that damage your health. But intermittent fasting is all about eating. Eating at a specific time and fast for the rest of the hours. Health consultant suggests that intermittent diet is healthy for one month in a year or twice in a week. Intermittent is a short term diet and will help you in weight loss if you eat smartly. 

So, in this article, we discuss everything about the intermittent diet and its benefits.

Intermittent fasting is all about eating in specific hours and fast for 16hours in a day. It means you have to skip breakfast and eat whatever you want from 12 PM-8 PM (8 hours) and then start fasting. Fasting at night time is essential because when you eat late at night, it may be the reason for your obesity. You should smartly choose the food to eat to survive for 16 hours. Eat the food which is healthy and full of protein and nutrition. It reduces calorie intake and helps you to adopt an intermittent diet for weight loss. 

“Intermittent fasting will help you to balance the triglycerides and bad cholesterol from the body. Fasting for 16 hours will improve all related heart diseases.“

Why is intermittent beneficial?

Intermittent fasting helps a person eat in the waking hours if he takes 3meals a day in waking hours. If a person does not exercise, then an intermittent diet is healthy because, in fasting hours, they rely on their stored calories. It boosts metabolism and an effective way to lose weight and belly fat. Intermittent fasting is helpful for your brain and health and helps you to live longer. 

Benefits for health:

  • Intermittent fasting helps you in weight loss as well as helps to burn extra belly fat. Intermittent fasting is easy to carry because you do not have to count the calories intake. 
  • Intermittent fasting also controls your blood and sugar levels. It is also helpful for balancing the insulin level in the body. Improves diabetes type-2.
  • Intermittent fasting will help you to balance the triglycerides and bad cholesterol from the body. Fasting for 16 hours will improve all related heart diseases.
  • Intermittent fasting will help you live longer, prevent chronic disease, and improve your brain cell’s function. 

“Intermittent fasting may slightly boost metabolism while helping you eat fewer calories. It’s a very effective way to lose weight and belly fat.“

Is intermittent fasting for everyone?

Fasting for 16 hours is only for those who have stored a large amount of extra fat. If you have previous blood sugar level down history or are underweight, then intermittent fasting is not for you. If you still fast, it has dangerous effects on your body because when the body starves, it will consume your essential nutrients from the body. 

While fasting for the first time, you will feel weakness, and your brain will not work correctly. But once you adopt the fasting schedule, you will start losing calories and observe many health benefits. But you can drink coffee, tea, or water while fasting.


It would be best if you tried to find out either an intermittent diet is for you or not. If intermittent fasting suits you, then it will be great for weight loss. If you do not like to fast, then you may ignore this article and eat healthy for weight loss. During fasting, you drink more water that increases metabolism with intermittence fasting regular exercise with fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, and healthy fats. Simple and healthy eating is the key to weight loss. Eat healthy stay healthy.