What is the Mediterranean Diet? Is it effective?

What is the Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean diet is named because it is the tradition of countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea (Spain, France, Italy, Greece, etc.). The Mediterranean diet allows us to eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, dairy, and olive oil but restricts processed food and artificial sugar. 

Mediterranean diet is the healthiest and easy to follow the diet. People of bordering countries have lower the risk of chronic disease and spend their life healthy. A little amount of red wine also added to this diet to keep you active, and it does not harm you much. It keeps you stay away from dementia, depression, and other heart problems. 

Here we will discuss everything about the Mediterranean diet and its effect on human health.

How does the Mediterranean diet work

How does the Mediterranean diet work?

Mediterranean diet does not plan for weight loss, and it’s a lifestyle of many countries (Spain, Italy, Greece, France) where people stay healthy and active throughout their life without having any chronic disease. They take all nutrients, but in a moderate amount, that is a plus point of the Mediterranean diet. 

Mediterranean diet includes daily intake of vegetables, fruits legumes, nuts, herbs, olive oil, and other meat (fish, salmon, chicken) in a small portion. Lifestyle change includes more intake of vegetables and fruits and a low amount of dairy products. Intake of olive oil and fish oil is healthy for the body. Avoid vegetable oil or trans fats, butter, which is unhealthy. Replace cooking oil with olive oil. 

Drink plenty of water as a daily intake with a little amount of wine and avoid sugary drinking drinks. One glass of wine is enough for a day. Daily exercise is essential, so have an enjoyable physical activity daily for half an hour. 

How to balance the intake of food?

Mediterranean diet to eat daily, weekly or monthly basis includes:

  • Consumption of veggies and fruits, whole grain, and fats daily.
  • Intake of fish, eggs, beans, meat in a week
  • Dairy products in a low amount it’s up to you how much to intake (small portion). 
  • Red meat, on occasion, is good for the body. Fish is healthy to eat twice a week in months having “R” like January, February, March, April, September, etc. avoid deep-fried fish.  

Share your food with your friends and family, and a glass of red wine is healthy to keep you physically active.

“Scientific studies show that intake of olive oil and natural fish oil, nuts they are an excellent source to keep your heart healthy.”

Mediterranean diet benefits:

 Mediterranean diet includes fresh food, which fresher your mood and mental health. Diet with other physical activity ill makes you healthy and full of nutrients.

Reduce weight:

Mediterranean diet includes high rich foods that help in metabolism. Fiber digest slowly due to which less blood sugar swing and thus helps in weight loss or maintain weight. Diet with regular exercise will be useful for weight loss. Intake of fruits and vegetables in large amounts like 6-7 serving a day. 

Improves heart health:

Scientific studies show that intake of olive oil and natural fish oil, nuts they are an excellent source to keep your heart healthy. Intake of olive oil for three months at least will reduce the risk of cholesterol problems because they improve cholesterol and blood pressure. Olive oil in the replacement of vegetables or butter is healthy for the heart. 

Red wine in low in liquor and keep you physically active than other liquors. Wine also prevents heart strokes. 

Reduce Alzheimer or Parkinson’s disease:

Reduction in blood cholesterol and blood pressure maintenance automatically reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

A high amount of fruits and veggies contain high antioxidants that repair the damaged cells and thus reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease. Mediterranean diet also prevents the risk of diabetes type two.


woman holding apple

Aediterranean diet has thousands of health benefits. Little changes in your lifestyle make you healthy and longer living. Mediterranean diet does not make you obese, heart-related disease, and lazy. It keeps you healthy and mentally fresh. Many people, when adapting the Mediterranean diet they will never want to switch to any other diet. If you are looking for a long-term healthy diet, then the Mediterranean diet is the diet than will be realistic, and you will enjoy following it. You will stay healthy when you eat healthily. Health is precious and a god gift. Take care of yourself and loved once. 

Stay happy and healthy.