What is the Military Diet? Diet Plan and its Benefits

The Military diet
Dieticians with the 440th Medical Squadron (From left to right), Airman 1st Class Anthony Dowell, A1C Kristina Carrington, Senior Airman Shameka Gumbs, A1C Allison Hixon and Master Sgt. Houston Gilliand, pose for a group portrait at Pope Field, North Carolina, on Aug. 9, 2014. Air Force dieticians ensure their patients' diets are nutritionally optimized for maximum recovery performance. (U.S. Air Force photo: Tech. Sgt. Peter R. Miller)

Do you want quick weight loss just like the military forces do? The military diet is simply the three-day diet. You only have to diet for three days and off for four days until you reach your ideal weight. 

A military diet is rapid for weight loss, like you may lose 10 pounds in a week. Our soldiers in military force have this type of diet, which is calories free. That is why they can maintain their weight and stay healthy always. 

The military diet is rigorous, so do not try to exceed over three days continuously for weight loss. Keep the diet for three days then eat healthy items for the next four days. You cannot cheat on this diet; that’s why this diet is called a military diet. 

I hope you get my point. So here we will discuss in detail about the military diet plan and its benefits:

Day 1Day 2Day 3
Breakfast one cup of coffee or tea, half grapefruit, one toast slice, and two tablespoons of butter on it.One egg, one toasted slice of bread, ½ banana.
Five saltine crackers, one slice of a cheddar cheese and a small apple. 
Lunch Half cup of tuna fish, one slice of toast and a cup of tea or coffee. 
One cup of cottage cheese, one full boiled egg, five saltine crackers
One boiled egg- half or full boil, one slice of toast.
Dinner One apple and half banana, 3 ounces of meat (red or white), one cup of beans, one cup of vanilla ice-cream.
Two hot dogs without a bun, one cup of broccoli and carrots, ½ banana, ½ cup of ice-cream (strawberry or vanilla). 
One cup of tuna, ½ banana, one cup of vanilla ice-cream.

The best thing to drink on the military diet is water. Drink water as much as you can it keeps you hydrated. You can also drink coffee and herbal tea but do not add sweetener because it may gain weight.

Does the military diet burn calories?

A military diet will surely burn calories if you challenge yourself and stay determined on a weight loss journey. But if you eat more calories than you lose, then you will gain weight. 

A military diet will prepare you in three days to burn more calories than you eat. You do not get overweight overnight, so keep calm, and you will lose not lose weight overnight. Weight loss takes time, but if you are determined then you will lose weight. 

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Advantages of the military diet

  • Are you thinking of the benefits of the military diet? Here they are; you are restricted from eating snacks and high-calorie food that will help you in weight loss
  • A military diet provides the strict protocol to follow, and you cannot cheat on this diet if you want to lose weight. 
  • This diet is low in carbohydrates, and if you eat more carbs on the other day or try to cheat within three days, it won’t work for you. 
  • You will get the best results if you exercise daily for 15 minutes, but if you feel low or dizzy during exercise, stop doing it. 


A military diet seems fascinating for those who need to lose a few pounds quickly. This diet is also called the “fad diet” because it is followed for a short period (for only 3-days). 

If you want to lose weight instant for a wedding or fitness maintenance, then this is the best diet. Short term changes will remain for the short term. Adopting healthy eating every day in a successful step toward healthy living and weight loss. 

So stay healthy, eat healthily, stay happy!