What is The Optavia Diet? Is it Safe?

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Optavia diet is the combination of processed food called “fueling” and the homemade “lean and green” meals for weight loss. People who do not like cooking this diet is right for them. Optavia is the meal replacement diet for weight loss. Combining fueling with a small portion of meals throughout the day may help for weight loss by taking a low amount of calories. 

Optavia fueling is low in carbs and high in protein, which keeps you full for longer. Optavia fueling has bacteria that speed up the metabolism and helps in weight loss. Fueling food includes a bar, cookies, pasta, soup, shakes, etc. These foods seem high in carbs but are processed as low in carbs. People who are busy in daily routine have the advantage of taking optavia fueling as pre-made low carb food and can replace homemade lean and green. 

How optavia works?

Optiva diet includes two types of meal plans: one is to lose fat quickly, and the other is to maintain weight. So let’s discuss each of them.


Quick weight loss: the “5 and 1” plan means five servings of fueling and one serving of lean and green homemade per day. This is best for those who want rapid weight loss.

Maintain or slow weight loss: the “4, 2, 1” and “3 and 3” plan in which you combine the real meal (homemade) with the meal replacement. This meal is best for those who lose weight and want to maintain weight or slow weight loss. The “4, 2, 1” plan means four optavia fueling, two lean and green, and one snack per day. 

OPTAVIA works because it’s simple and easy to follow.

The “3 and 3” means three portions of fueling and three portions of meals and green per day. 

How to take an optavia diet?

The optavia fueling found in pre-packaging and can be taken after every hour when you feel appetite craving. You can eat meals and lean serving because it contains more protein and fewer carbs for weight loss. 

Optiva is a low carb and high protein intake diet which helps in weight loss. Guidance from the dietician will tell you more about the diet plan, which is suitable for you. The weight loss is short term, and its long term effectiveness is still unknown (because no one followed this diet for the long term). You may lose weight quickly by following “5 and 1” meal plan. 

“Optiva diet improves your blood circulation level.”

Pros of optavia diet

  • Optiva diet is easy to follow.
  • Optiva diet improves your blood circulation level.

Cons of optavia diet

  • It is low in calories; you have to combine other high energy meal with it. 
  • It is difficult to follow for the long term because it is very costly.
  • You might gain weight when you do not follow it. 
  • The food is highly processed and is only suitable for women who are busy in their jobs and could not find time to cook fresh meals. 
Food to eat:
Food to avoid:
Meat, fish, shellfish, eggs, soya products, vegetable oils, low carb veggies, sugar-free snacks and beverages, and seasoning.
Fried food, refined grain, certain fats, dairy products, alcohol, and beverages. 


Optavia diet is a weight loss diet for the short term and is a costly diet, so long term effectiveness is unknown. Optavia has limited diet options available to eat, and you could not get all the nutritious food. It is only used for weight loss but cannot be healthy. It has heavily processed meals and snacks. This diet does not give your body enough calories to sustain. 

Optavia diet is not on the high rank of the list in the diet. If you want to start an optavia diet, then consult your dietician because dieticians will guide you adequately nourished food with this diet to keep you healthy. 

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