What’s the Difference Between Weight Loss and Fat Loss?

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Weight loss sounds very attractive for obese people but do you want to lose weight or lose body fat? If you’re going to lose weight, then it is so simple to stop eating food you will lose weight quickly, but unfortunately, you will lose both muscles and body fat. You want a healthy loss, which includes body fat loss, not muscle loss. 

Specific weight figure is not the target but targets the balanced weight and healthy weight. Do not create hype If your weight is going up, but if you feel good at it, you are at your healthy weight. You feel uncomfortable when your body fat is more than your muscles. Muscles are right, but fat accumulated in it is terrible for your health so burn the fat for healthy weight reduction. Here we will discuss the difference between weight loss and fat loss. And how you can preserve your muscles.


Losing body fat

While losing body fat, aim to preserve the body muscles as much as you can. People destroy their diet by eating fewer calories than required by the body, thus losing muscles and fats. It is essential to take the calories needed by your body with healthy food such as; protein, legumes, fats, and low carbs. Eat enough calories according to your body size and activity level. Exercise daily to give your muscle a reason to maintain themselves. But if you do not have a balanced diet according to your body’s demand, you will lose muscles instead of body fat.

Losing bodyweight

Bodyweight is the sum of muscle mass, fat mass, body water weight, and bone weight. Losing weight is an achievement for many of us but make sure you are not losing muscles. Some people follow a crash diet and cut down many healthy nutrients from the body that will cause muscle mass loss, and thus you find it weight loss. Weight loss is not the main point but maintaining a healthy weight according to your body requirements is necessary to adopt. Your body weight will bounce back if you do not take sufficient food in your diet. You start feeling sluggish or dizzy while performing daily activities.

Let’s see the significant differences in weight loss and fat loss

Weight lossFat loss
Decrease fitnessImproved fitness
Decrease strength Greater strength
Poor performanceBest performance
Early aging Delayed aging
Reduced immunityBoost or strengthen the immune system

Focus on losing the extra at a loss instead of weight loss. If you want a quick weight loss by some supplements, then it may affect your health. Rapid weight loss may loss a body mass. By focusing on fat loss, the muscles’ fats packets may break down by a healthy diet, and the body uses fat packs as a source of energy.

“emphasizing fat loss rather than weight loss can decrease the risk of several chronic diseases, help reduce the risk of age-related muscle loss, and reduce fat regain.”


Never aim to lose weight; in any case, always try to stay healthy by losing extra fats from the body. You desire to break the fat either from the food you eat or the stored fat in the muscles o body. Stored fat is present in muscles; the more muscles you have more fat you will burn. So focus on the gradual changes in weight, either gain or loss. If you start losing more than two pounds in a week, you are losing body muscles instead of body fat. Do not be too quick in losing weight. Weight loss is a slow but constant process. Stay motivated to lose extra body fat.

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