Why Counting Calories is Important for Weight Loss + 5 Best Calorie Counter Apps

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The food you eat has packaging and calories written on it. By noticing those calories, you will come to know the calories of intake. In the weight loss process, you must identify the calories content of food and drink contains. Processed food and grains are full of calories but not in nutrition. We feel hungry after some time by consuming an unhealthy nutrition less food. It means you consume calories more quickly; that’s why you feel hungry after eating processed food. Counting all the calorie intake will help you in weight loss. 

Here in this article, we will discuss why calories are essential for weight loss.


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Key Takeaways
  • In the weight loss process, you must identify the calories content of food and drink contains.
  • For weight loss, you must know your body’s basal metabolic rate and how much your body consumes calories.
  • Cutting down calories may lead to nutritional deficiencies, muscle loss.
  • Eating healthy nutrient food will keep your energy and will help to burn body fat.
  • Processed foods are full of calories but have less nutritional value.

Counting Calories

Counting calories are sometimes best, and it can be dangerous. You not only focus on the number of calories instead of enjoying the food you are eating. For weight loss, you must know your body’s basal metabolic rate and how much your body consumes calories. Energy or calories are required for your body to perform all necessary tasks. If your body gets enough energy than needed, the body starts accumulating that calorie in the energy packets called glycogen or in the form of fat. When your body receives a limited amount of energy to consume, the body uses the stored fat calories, and this is how the weight loss process starts.  

Whether you eat food or drink, contain carbohydrates, fats, and protein, including calories. Eating unhealthier food can result in disordered eating habits and increase depression and anxiety. But if you are suffering from certain medical conditions and taking some specific diet by a health professional. It is essential to note the quality of food you eat then the quantity of food. You have heard that a low carb diet is more likely to reduce weight than high carb diet. A low carb diet is beneficial for long term weight loss.

Is it Essential To Count Some Calories Intake?

Cutting down calories may lead to nutritional deficiencies, muscle loss. Health care nutritionists stress to focus on the importance of eating healthy and nutritious food rather than counting calories and suffer some chronic disease and heart-related complications. Eating a beneficial, nutrient-rich, and balanced diet is always better than counting calories and suffer health loss.

Weight loss is significant but getting a sufficient amount of carbs, protein, and fats instead of counting calories. Like in breakfast, it is essential to take a protein bar to stay energetic to perform daily activities. Eating healthy nutrient food will keep your energy and will help to burn body fat. Keep in mind that your target is to lose weight without compromising your health.

Calorie Counting vs. Intuitive Eating

In the calorie counting vs. intuitive eating debate, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Both methods have their merits, and the ideal choice depends on your individual goals, preferences, and relationship with food. Calorie counting provides a structured approach that can be effective for weight management and those who appreciate quantitative data. It offers a clear way to monitor and control calorie intake, making it a valuable tool for those seeking precise control over their diet. On the other hand, intuitive eating places a strong emphasis on mindfulness, body cues, and fostering a healthy relationship with food. It may be particularly beneficial for those looking to break free from the restrictions and stress often associated with calorie counting. Ultimately, the decision should align with your personal needs and lifestyle, and there’s no harm in incorporating elements of both approaches to find a balanced and sustainable path to health and wellness.

5 Best Calorie Counter Websites and Apps

1. MyFitnessPal

It’s one of the easiest food diaries that you can use anywhere. It allows you to track what you eat easily so you will stay motivated. You can search its massive food database that keeps on growing every day. The Premium account costs $9.99 a month or 49.99 per year with a one-month free trial. It’s also one of the best calorie counter apps around.

  • Get motivated and support by same-minded people.
  • You can customize your diet profile.
  • Will help you to be more mindful of what you eat.
  • Free app download in both Android and iOS.
  • The app is prone to misreporting.
  • Might encourage obsession.
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2. MyFoodDiary

It’s a popular calorie counting app that gives you a food diary, diet journal, exercise log, etc. Their tracking tools will take away your diet regrets. This can help you to predict how much weight you will lose and also monitor progress. By using the food entry tool, it will build your daily log and you can plan your meals properly.

  • It can download Fitbit data.
  • Shows different ways to track your progress.
  • The health indicators are available.
  • Free from ads while using the app.
  • Introductory information about programs is not available.
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3. FatSecret

This has a smaller and simpler user base which makes it appealing. It’s user-friendly and doesn’t push fad diets or unrealistic ways to lose weight. That means that you will only get helpful tips for your weight loss journey. However, this calorie counter is only available for Android users. 

  • A simple interface and easy to use.
  • Genuine community forum.
  • Get motivated from the regular challenges.
  • It comes with a persona journal aside from the food journal.
  • This app can freeze sometimes.
  • Unable to sync app occasionally.
  • Not enough nutritional information at times.
  • It can slow down your phone.
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4. LoseIt

It has similar features as MyFitnessPal which is also a top-rated weight loss plan. This app is available for both Android and iOS users so you can use it anywhere. It also includes a water intake tracker to make sure that you’re drinking enough water. 

  • The interface is easy to use.
  • It has a barcode reader.
  • Motivators included and reminders to log your meals.
  • You can share recipes, food, and meals with users.
  • Comes with a new feature called Snap It to snap a picture of the meal and logs it automatically.
  • Spell check is not available which means that you have to type words perfectly.
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5. LifeSum

LifeSum will help you to find the best diet for you. It will allow you to take charge of your food preferences and lose weight at the same time. You can find healthy recipes that you can enjoy without the guilt. This app is available on both Android and iOS which makes it easier to track your activities anywhere.

  • Find the diet plan that suits your lifestyle.
  • You can start and follow a 7-21 day meal plan according to your goal.
  • It has a barcode scanner to help you identify foods.
  • Track your activities from food, exercise, and water.
  • You may spend some time logging your activities.
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Make a diet plan with your nutritionist according to the calorie intake. If you are interested in losing weight by calculating calories, then make sure to eat healthy food. Processed foods are full of calories but have less nutritional value. It is suggested to eat organic food full of nutrition and calories to stay healthy for the long term. Eating less nutritious may break your health down. 


Can Increasing Calories Help Lose Weight?

It’s possible to lose weight if you increase your calorie intake. This is known as reverse dieting where instead of decreasing calories, you must increase your calorie consumption. Reverse dieting will normalize your hormone levels. That will aid you to increase your metabolism and it will help to regulate your hormones to lose weight.

Is Calories Counting Healthy?

Calorie counting is healthy as long as you still follow the recommended daily calorie consumption that your body needs. It will aid your body when you’re trying to lose weight since if you don’t exceed the recommended daily calorie intake, you will go back to your healthy weight. Although, it’s not advisable to do this all the time. When trying to lose weight, counting calories should get you started.

How Many Calories Should I Eat Daily?

Calorie intake depends on different factors such as your age, gender, metabolism, regular physical activities, and more. Ideally, the recommended calories needed is 2,000 calories daily for women. Men need more which has to be 2,500 calories per day. 

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