How Adequate is Planking for Losing Weight?


Are you worried about your belly fat, thigh, and hips fat? Your body fat may be due to many reasons, such as pregnancy, over-eating, hormonal issues, over sitting, etc. it is not easy to lose belly fat, you have to struggle very hard. There are many exercises to lose belly fat, but one of the best and most adequate exercises is the plank. The plank exercise is always useful and trending because it is a small-time investment towards your good health. you will lose 2-3 calories per minute in planking; it depends on your body weight. 

So here, we will discuss how effective is planking exercise to lose your body fat.

What is the plank exercise?

Plank is an isometric condition in which the body maintains its position for a maximum time, just like in pushups. It strengthens the muscles and reduces the body fat because it involves your whole body from hips to your shoulders and legs. The plank exercise makes your spinal cord durable and your belly muscles and makes your body posture healthy and fit. 


How to do plank exercise?

  • Take a yoga mat, and put your hand’s palm straight on the ground precisely under your shoulder. Only your toes touch the ground and pull your whole body against gravity. 
  • Keep your body straight from toe to head. In this way, your whole body muscles involve and burn calories. Once you moved upwards by pulling your whole body against gravity, your tummy also squeezes.  
  • Keep yourself in this position as much as you can. Focus your eyes at a point between your hands, and this will help from cranking your neck up. 
  • During this exercise, keep reminding yourself of the targeted weight loss that you have decided. 
  • Try to focus on squeezing shoulders back if you successfully do it, you may feel plank in shoulders and then start spreading to your whole body evenly. 

Does plank exercise reduce your belly fat?

Planking and pushups like exercise will tighten your abdominal muscles, and you will get a toned belly. Losing belly fat will also lose weight. Planking also reduces the back pain because it strengthens your core, and it has a pleasant effect on your back pain problem. Because you are lifting your whole body upward, and all force is shifted to your core. 

It’s challenging to stabilize the weight, but once you do it, you will see a massive difference in your body. Plank for 30 seconds to one minute in a day. When you start feeling comfortable at the selected time, try to increase second by second in plank exercise. 

Single exercise and multiple benefits

  • When you are on the planks position, your shoulders, biceps, neck, backbone gets stronger. 
  • In planking, you are holding yourself by arms and biceps; this will develop your arm muscles. 
  • Planking is good for biceps development. Your belly tightens like having six-packs. 
  • The butt muscle is ignored in many exercises, but it had a significant impact on body posture. The plank exercise also correctly tighten your butt muscles. 

You may see instant results by doing exercise daily for 5 minutes, now what else do you want? Planking does not take much time and benefits your shoulders, neck, and back pain problems. 


Plank is suitable for those suffering from back pain problems, overweight, or wants to have an ideal physical body posture. Every day, just like yoga, you do plank exercise. Initially, it isn’t easy and challenging for you to exercise. 

So give a challenge to yourself mentally and physically and get out of your comfort zone. Once you did it, you will see the results in a month. Once you do it, your back pain will relax, and your tummy will start squeezes. 

Plank looks simple but requires focus and balance. Please stay in the plank position from one minute to three minutes as much as it is easy for you. Be kind to yourself, not to any exercise in excess to get speedy results. Sometimes more is worst. 

Stay healthy and stay happy! 

Love yourself!

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