High Protein at Breakfast Can Help you Lose Weight


After sleep, your tummy is hungry because of the energy consumed during sleep. Eating a healthy, protein-rich breakfast will help you feel full for a long time. High protein-rich breakfast gives you strength for work and can curb the craving of snacks until lunchtime. 

Never skip breakfast to lose weight. High protein foods help to boost your metabolism, which is beneficial for weight loss. Eating protein in breakfast and cut your carbs and fats will help to keep you energetic throughout the day, and your hunger feels satisfied. Proteins are hard to digest, so when you take it in breakfast, you feel more energetic, and until lunchtime, the body absorbs it. 

So here we will discuss some high protein foods that should take in breakfast for weight loss. 



Eggs are the primary source of protein intake; you can take a boiled egg, half-fried egg, steamed egg, scrabble egg, etc. You will feel full and energetic for so long. It reduces the food intake later in the day and boosts metabolism, which helps in weight loss. Eggs are a healthy food to intake all year round.  Take two eggs daily with milk and combining them with your favorite veggies. Take a fully nutritious and delicious breakfast. 


Yogurt is a portion of healthy and delicious food to intake for weight loss. It is full of nutrition gives your craving a satisfying feeling. If you take a cup of yogurt every morning, you are at a lower risk of getting obese compared to those who did not regularly consume yogurt. Yogurt is high in protein and helps you in weight loss. Feeling full will help you to avoid chocolates, snacks, and unhealthy crackers. Eat yogurt mixed with fruits, berries, or chia seeds it will boost up your metabolism. 


Nuts are highly rich with protein and add a worthy addition to breakfast. It is highly enriched with calories, so take only one ounce at a time to keep healthy. Nuts in breakfast will keep you energetic and energetic. When you have such a great breakfast, then you will not think about food till lunchtime. Mix the nuts in yogurt or homemade granola to give your breakfast the next level of nutrition. 


Smoothies are the best way to eat nutrition. Smoothies are a convenient way to take breakfast and help in weight loss. Add fruits and veggies in smoothies to boost up metabolism and make you feel full longer. Add high protein nuts, almonds in the smoothie to promote a feeling of fullness. Smoothie in the morning is the best way for protein intake, which avoid hunger pangs and helps in weight loss. Do not add many calories in the smoothie. 

  • The Smoothie Diet: 21-day Program – The Smoothie Diet is a 3-week weight loss program. Even if the objective is to help users with a healthy and shaped body, you can expect a lot of other benefits


Grapefruit is the best source of energy. Grapefruits has a high level of fiber and water, which both helps in weight loss. Grapefruit helps to lose body fat, but if you have a drug, consult your doctor before eating grapefruit because many times, it reacts to drugs. 

Decide. Commit. Succeed.

Justin Seedman


Take a  high protein food early in the morning for a healthy life. Studies show that those who take 35grams of protein in breakfast do not gain weight, but those who eat 15grams of protein in breakfast gain weight more. So try to full your tummy with high protein foods at breakfast. High protein food is helpful in weight loss. The more satisfied you feel throughout the day after eating protein, the smarter food decision you make throughout the day. Stay happy and healthy.

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