5 Best Rowing Machines Under $300 in 2023

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Everybody would wish to workout at home and maintain a fit and healthy body rather than head to the gym every day. You can decide to jog around the neighborhood, do some push-ups and sit-ups, and purchase some workout equipment to help you remain fit. 

Many people consider the rowing machine since they are practical and cheaper than other workout machines. In fact, in this guide, you will see some of the best rowing machines under $300. However, that is not to mean there are no expensive options. This guide looks at helping that new rowing customer that does not want to spend too much on the machine. 


There are great options if you are looking for a rowing machine under 300. Always keep in mind that ‘what you pay for is what you get.’ Carry out extensive research before you purchase your rower at this price to get the ultimate service from the machine. Even though the monitor, build quality, and warranties may not be like for the expensive rowers, you can still secure a superb rower at exceptional prices. 

People always have different criteria when comparing and rating machines they want to purchase. Below is the essential criteria that you can use to find the perfect beginner-friendly rower for under $300.

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Other Categories

Important Criteria

There are different things you ought to consider as you buy your first rowing machine. Here are the features to consider before you make the purchase:

  • Control Panel/Monitor

The price of the rowing machine will determine the features and quality of the monitor. Budget price range monitors will have minimum data tracking and features. However, with the under 300$ rowers, a good monitor should be easy to read and have features like distance, strokes, calories, and time.

  • Resistance-type

The majority of the rowing machines under 300$ are the hydraulic-piston type. However, there are few air and magnetic rowing machines you will come across in the market. Beware that each resistance type has its advantages and disadvantages. That may be quiet/loud or variable/adjustable. Look for a rower with sufficient resistance and has no issues in usability. 

  • Build Quality

You already know low prices attract low-quality machines. That does not mean that the under 300$ rowers should quit working in a few months. The perfect budget rower should last long and have few customer complaints in the reviews section. 

  • Storage Options

Rowing machines under $300 are suitable for storage since they are compact. The ideal machine should fold easily for storage. You can consider a rower with wheels as this is a bonus for moving it. 

  • Comfort

Rowing is not something you will do for a few weeks and then quit. It is repetitive, which means if you have an uncomfortable rower, the exercise will not be enjoyable. The machine should have a soft handle, comfortable seats, and fitting footrests. The rowing motion should have no jerkiness. 

  • User Capacity

It is common to come across rowing machines under $300 made of low-quality materials and compact. Heavy and tall people need to consider these qualities as they look for a budget rower. A budget rower should easily support 250 lbs of weight. It should also accommodate 6’4 persons and children. 

  • Assembly

Rowers under 300 may have quality issues that could lead to assembly issues. The assembly of the machine should be easy and quick for anyone. Ensure in the reviews section; there are no reviews that suggest one can have a problem with the assembly. 

Sunny SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine
  • Dimensions: ‎89"D x 18.9"W x 23.6"H
  • Tension Level: ‎8
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: ‎‎‎250 Pounds
  • CONATE Water Resistance Indoor Rower
  • Dimensions: ‎21"D x 73"W x 20"H
  • Tension Level: ‎8
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: ‎‎‎280 Pounds
  • Fitness Reality 1000 Plus Bluetooth Rower
  • Dimensions: ‎21.5"D x 88.5"W x 21.5"H
  • Tension Level: ‎14
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: ‎‎‎250 Pounds
  • Sunny SF-RW5606 Elastic Cord Rowing Machine
  • Dimensions: ‎14"D x 68"W x 21"H
  • Tension Level: ‎4
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: ‎‎‎220 Pounds
  • Marcy Foldable 8-Level NS-40503RW Rower
  • Dimensions: ‎74"D x 20"W x 33"H
  • Tension Level: ‎8
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: ‎‎‎300 Pounds

  • Sunny SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine

    sunny rowing machine

    It is a magnetic rower with eight levels of tension. This budget rower has adjustable magnetic resistance. You can alter the resistance by the use of a knob twist adjustment. The Sunny rowing machine comes with non-slip footplates textured to add safety levels to the machine by offering more grip. There are foot straps on the rower that also add to the level of security.

    Sunny magnetic rowing machine bears non-slip foam grip handlebars to add a level of comfort and cushioned seats. It has a 44 inches inseam length and 48 inches slide rail length to cater to the users with longer legs. This machine is easy to use, and the assembly is relatively easy. Its digital monitor shows calories, time, and total count even though it does not display distance. 

    The rower has built-in wheels and comes with a roll and tilt system for portability. Its maximum user weight stands at 250lbs.


    • Durable frame
    • Easy to use
    • Multi-level resistance
    • Positive reviews
    • Easy assembly


    • No heart rate monitor
    • Not ideal for over 250lbs
    • No distance on display

    CONATE Water Resistance Rowing Machine 

    This budget rower is for users that love a realistic rowing experience. It comes with padded handles that will give you a wider range, meaning you will maximize the upper-body workout. It also has adjustable footplates that you can adjust to some fixed settings for more comfort. Foot traps are to make sure the user is secure on the rower. 

    This budget rower has a shaped, wide, and cushioned seat. Other comfort features include a cup holder and the ergonomic design of the rower. Fill the water tank up to where you wish to create resistance. The rowing machine has adjustable stabilizers for maximum usability. Its LCD monitor tracks the distance, time, stroke per minute, and calories. CONATE rower also has a Man-machine competitive mode that makes the machine efficient even though it is a budget rower. 

    It comes with pulleys to help in moving the machine. One thing to note is that this Conate rowing machine will not fold when you want to store it. It also has transport wheels which makes it easy to move it around.


    • Adjustable stabilizers
    • Wheels on the machine
    • Larger LCD
    • Adjustable fixed footplates
    • Wide padded seats


    • You cannot fold it to store

    Fitness Reality Rowing Machine 1000 Plus

    fitness reality rowing machine

    This is another rowing machine under 300$ that you can buy for home workouts. It features access to MyCloudFitness App and Bluetooth connectivity. The Fitness Reality rowing machine comes with a 3.5″ LCD and a phone or tablet holder. In fact, this is the only rowing machine you will find in the market that has Bluetooth connectivity for this rice range.

    This rowing machine has magnetic resistance with 14 settings set using a tension dial. With the Fitness Reality 1000 plus rower Bluetooth Magnetic machine, all tools are available for easy assembly. It comes with stabilizer foot pads to give the user stability and an exceptional rowing experience. Its other features are adjustable to stabilize the user. 

    This unit also comes with two front wheels that are lucrative for movement. The wide grip foam handlebar achieves extra comfort. The rower also comes with a large contoured cushion seat. Its pull cord is thick nylon giving the user a smooth and clean catch return. Fitness Reality 1000 Plus Bluetooth Rower is designed for heights of 4’9 up to 6’6. The machine comes with a structural warranty of one year.


    • High-quality pull cord
    • Easy to assemble
    • Comes with wheels
    • Stabilizer foot pads
    • Wide grip foam handlebar


    • Its seat is hard – seating on it for long may become uncomfortable

    Sunny Health and Fitness Row Machine SF-RW5606

    sunny health and fitness row machine

    Sunny Health and Fitness row machine comes with four tension levels easily adjustable via a simple lever. You lift and push or pull this lever from two sides and then drop it where you want the tension. The budget machine is driven using an elastic cord. Its handles have a soft grip to enhance your comfort as you use the machine. Its seat is angled and large enough to give the user more comfort. 

    The machine comes with adjustable Velcro straps on the pivot footplates. It has a large LCD that shows total count, time, count, count per minute, and calories burned. The machine also has a scan mode that helps with workout calculations. The SF-RW5606 is one of the quickest rowing machines under 300$ for assembly. This process could only take you 15 to 20 minutes.

    It is stable in use and among the lightest workout machines, you will come across. With just 34.5 pounds weight, the machine can easily support a user weight of up to 220lbs. 


    • It is lightweight
    • Quick and easy to assemble
    • Comfortable seat
    • Adjustable Velcro straps
    • Large LCD


    • It is elementary with no unique features

    Marcy Foldable Regenerating Rower

    marcy foldable regenerating rower

    It is a magnetic rowing machine that can be found under 300$. Many people love it for its anti-slip footpads and ergonomic design. The Marcy foldable regenerating rower also comes with a very comfortable seat that gives the user an excellent experience. Marcy rowing machine is special cardio equipment that can work perfectly on your target muscles. The one thing about this machine is that it can be folded for storage, meaning it will not eat up your space. 

    It comes with eight resistance levels that make working out efficient and enjoyable. The budget unit has a multi-functional display and fully padded handlebars. 


    • User-friendly display
    • Eight levels resistance
    • Foam covered handles
    • Portable and foldable
    • Affordable
    • Long slide rail


    • Slight noise

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    Final Thoughts

    If you are looking for the best rowing machines under $300, this guide is for you. Read on to find out their pros and cons and decide which one suits you best.

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